This is a fascinating article on how evolution is indeed a religion–literally.

Seeing God's Breath

Abiogenesis and evolution of genera comes out of ancient mythology. The first-century BC Greek historian, Diodorus wrote the origins of paganism concerning the Queen of Heaven and like gods. In this record, Diodorus presented one of the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians concerning the origin of life, which is abiogenesis and the evolution of humanity. In Diodorus’s work, “Universal History,” he reported this:

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  1. tildeb

    No, evolution is not a pagan myth. This creation story is not about evolution. Note there is no reference to common descent modified by natural selection. Without this center piece, you do not have an explanation equivalent to anything we call evolution – ancient or otherwise.

    Move along. There’s nothing to read and learn here about evolution. For that we have many highly readable books and blogs and articles written by biologists. You should try reading some of them so that at least you have some idea of what it is you are automatically rejecting in favour of your allegiance to the POOF!ism of you local flavour of Oogity Boogity.

    • synapticcohesion

      “This creation story is not about evolution.”
      Did you even read it? Where’s the “creation” in this story? This is a classic abiogenesis story. Life magically emerging from the hot, murky swamp of life–independent of a creator. Instead of magic “self-replicating molecules,” you have magic “pustules with delicate membranes” that begin to develop on their own and eventually bring forth life; leading ultimately to all life on earth. Both the modern-day evolution and ancient Egyptian myth deal with life developing and emerging from the water and different species developing over time via interbreeding/natural selection. The modern-day evolution explanation may be more detailed and sophisticated, but it is essentially the same concept–borrowed from ancient mythology.

      • tildeb

        This is a classic abiogenesis story

        Evolution says absolutely nothing about abiogenesis. But then, you’d know this if you bothered to learn anything about evolution rather than continue to infuse your beliefs about it as if they, rather than reality, were true. They’re not. And you prove this over and over again.

      • tildeb

        There’s no weaseling involved: as far as abiogenesis goes, honest scientists will give you a very consistent answer: we don’t know. But if asked for conjecture, most will keep going back in the same direction all the evidence points to and suggest it is likely that RNA arose spontaneously. But that’s not evolution, synapticconfusion; that’s conjecture.

        As far as the Miller-Urey experiment goes, the results are intriguing – and continue to be – showing that amino acids and hydroxyl groups do form in very primitive environments. That was the extent of the experiment and you can make of it what you will.

        But I notice that you refuse to grant any of my criticisms any merit whatsoever. The fact is that abiogenesis has nothing to do with evolution and the process we call evolution has nothing to do with abiogenesis. Your assumption to the contrary is flat out wrong – not because I say so but because it’s true. When you continue to reject or ignore what’s true then it is only reasonable to wonder what your purpose is if not to intentionally mislead readers away from what’s true in reality: evolution has nothing to do with abiogenesis. Your claim – the ancient myth of evolution – is false.

      • synapticcohesion

        You know very well that the Miller-Urey experiment is often cited by evolutionists in an attempt to prove their assertion that non-living elements can react and lead to the basic building blocks of life, and then EVOLVE into life–under the right conditions. And Dawkin’s ” first self-replicating molecule” is a classic example of an evolutionist asserting that life resulted out of non-life.

        This is your belief system–why are you ashamed of it?

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