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Quote Worthy

“There is no greater form of arrogance and egotism than quoting oneself.”



Self-Righteous Indignation

Next time you hear a bloviating radio/TV host launch into tirade about government programs, government jobs, and other forms of government spending; keep in mind that this talking head would not have a job if it were not for taxpayer created, funded, and maintained public airwaves.

Deep Thoughts: From Other Bloggers

“Why is the world not asking feminists why they never campaign for the right of Chinese women to choose?  They demand this right for women in the West but do not demand the right for women to choose how many children they want to have.”

–from blogger, “Dawkinswatch

My Recent Encounters With Atheist Hypocrisy

During my relatively brief time of WordPress, about half of my encounters with atheists here have been civil, even pleasant; the other half consists of atheists who are quick to resort to ad hominem attacks and to censor points of views that detract from their own.  Many of these personal attacks (usually made only after I have been blocked from making comments) are surprisingly homophobic in nature–proof that bigotry, hate, and intolerance does not go hand-in-hand with being religious as many atheists maintain.

Case in point, this is the latest comment that I received (about an hour) ago from an atheist WordPress user who goes by the name “retrieverman”:

“Synapticohesion is banned.

He’s too stupid to comment in this blog. He’s proven this time and again, and what’s more, he thinks he’s smarter than me! LOL! Ignorant shits often think this.

He’s actually either a latent homosexual, who hates gays (of course!) or child molester, like all fundamentalist Christians.

I’ve tolerated as much of this bullshit as I can handle, and he obviously didn’t read my About Page when I said no creationist bullshit.

If he’s feeling bad because I hurt his feelings, he can go ask his preacher for a blowjob and that will make him feel better again.

You are a denialist little punk. You don’t know jack shit. You need to stop trying to talk down to people who know more than you.

And this comment will stay up, and I hope it’s a lesson to you.

When you’re an ignorant fool, don’t show up on blogs or message boards where the people are more educated than you are and try to spout this poppycock.

Don’t troll these blogs. You’re just wanting attention for your retarded little cartoon blog. I am removing the links to your site in every comment you’ve made. [Note: there were no links to remove.]

Don’t come back. Don’t try this again somewhere else.

Got it, punk?”

And that’s not all from “retrieverman,” who placed the following labels after my user name that precedes each comment (these are just a couple of examples):

“synapticohesion, a c*cksucker”

“synapticcohesion, a latent homosexual”

If this were a Christian using these same bigoted, homophobic, hate-filled, libelous words against an atheist–how would atheists react? And why do many atheists want to endlessly belittle, rant about, ridicule, and taunt others…unchallenged? To preach only to the proverbial choir?