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Eyes Wide Shut

Beware of falling prey to those promising “illumination” as they will lead you down a path to nowhere but further darkness.


Collective Guilt

Blaming Christianity whenever someone claiming to beĀ Christian does something wrong is like blaming vegetarianism whenever someone claiming to be vegetarian eats meat.

The Irony of the Skeptical Thinker

When your “skepticism” is always in line with conventional wisdom, are you really a skeptic? Or are you just another follower?


Think For Yourself

Beware of allowing the postulations, conjectures, and finalities of others (purporting to be more knowledgeable than you) to limit your own abilities of discernment, critical thinking, and observing what is right in front of you.


Quote Worthy

“There is no greater form of arrogance and egotism than quoting oneself.”



New Clothes, Same Old Lies

Whereas deceivers of yesterday spoke in tongues; the deceivers of today speak in jargon.