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Collective Guilt

Blaming Christianity whenever someone claiming to beĀ Christian does something wrong is like blaming vegetarianism whenever someone claiming to be vegetarian eats meat.


Willful Blindness

Those who claim that building an ark as large as Noah’s ark is “impossible” are clearly unaware that building massive structures out of blocks weighing as much as 80 tons is also “impossible” by today’s standards.

Quote Worthy

“There is no greater form of arrogance and egotism than quoting oneself.”



4.5 Billion Years Young

Evaporation, erosion, desertification. What would the earth look like if it were really…

4.5 billion years old?


The Atheist Paradox

Why do most atheists, who claim to be repulsed by religion, tend to be so well-versed in the the Old Testament of the Bible? More so than the average…Christian?